In 1997, Dr. Christine F. Kreiner founded Acri.Tec GmbH, a company specialized in the development and manufacture of products for ophthalmic surgery. The company’s headquarters were in Hennigsdorf near Berlin, soon to be supported by a sales office in Munich, as the company rapidly expanded. After a short time the product portfolio, in addition to different types of intraocular lenses, included capsular tension rings, glaucoma shunts and liquids for intraocular application, such as different viscoelastics, silicone oils, per fluorocarbons and staining solutions.

These innovative products were manufactured under stringent purity and quality standards to improve or restore the patients vision. At the same time, however, a similar need was found in the area of veterinary medicine, and the development and manufacture of products specifically designed for the ophthalmological treatment of different species was started.

In the course of the year 2004, the veterinary division of Acri.Tec GmbH was established to be able to offer veterinary ophthalmologists a complete portfolio to cover the specific requirements, applying the same high quality standards. As of 2005 the major part of the newly developed products, such as foldable intraocular lenses for cats and dogs, viscoelastic solutions of different viscosities, a series of bandage lenses for dogs, cats and horses as well as glaucoma shunts were available for worldwide sales.

To also meet the requirements of the U.S. American market, a subsidiary was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2005.
The company continued its strategies and developed a number of world novelties in cooperation with chemists, physicists and leading veterinary ophthalmologists on an international level. Today’s product portfolio also includes foldable intraocular lenses for horses, a special phacoemulsification system for large and small animals, a portable electroretinogram as well as a multitude of ophthalmological instruments for large and small animals.
In the end of 2007, Acri.Tec AG was bought by Carl Zeiss Meditec GmbH, with exception of the veterinary division, which was integrated into Dr. Kreiner´s newly founded company S & V Technologies AG as one of its three business divisions. The veterinary division was sold to Valeant / Bausch & Lomb in 2015.