Frequently asked questions

What is the treatment like?

Before treatment, anaesthesia can be made using anaesthetic ointment or, in the case of lip augmentation, with a so-called dental block, however, anaesthesia is not absolutely necessary. The treatment itself usually does not take any longer than 15-30 minutes

Can you see the effect immediately?
The effect of wrinkle filling and lip volume augmentation shows immediately. In the case of mesotherapy, the final effect shows on completion of the treatment series.

How long will the effect last?
Depending on age, skin quality, lifestyle, personal habits and injection site and depth the effect will last for 6 to 12 months, in some cases even longer.

What can I do, when the effect begins to fade?
Since hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, it is degraded over time. Repeated treatment is possible without any restrictions. Regular applications even delay the skin aging process.

Is there any hazard of adverse effects?
Adverse effects are predominantly injection related and present as redness or swelling (and may persist for several days), or in rare cases hematoma, which can be easily covered with makeup.

What should I observe before treatment?
Make sure to inform your treating physician, if any of the below condi¬tions should apply: autoimmune diseases, known allergies, hypersensitiv¬ity reactions to hyaluronic acid, hypertrophic scars, immunotherapeutic treatment, skin diseases like acne or herpes, pregnancy and lactation period, previous and current aesthetic treatments (e.g. filler, laser therapy, chemical peels or physical abrasion). As well as flu or any type of cold. Discontinue anticoagulant medica¬tion e.g. Aspirin, gingko preparations or larger quantities of Vitamin C one week before treatment.

What should I observe after treatment?
Cool the treated areas with cool packs. Abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours after treatment, and try not to smoke. In addition, it is important to avoid strong heat exposure, such as direct sunlight, solarium and sauna for one week after treatment and do not take any anticoagulants during that period. The application of physical treatment after injection of amalian products can reduce the tissue filler effect.