The monophasic product line "LT" and "SF"

The monophasic amalian "LT"

The monophasic hyaluronic acid fillers amalian "LT" are homogenous gels of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The non dissolvable hyaluronic acid particles are due to the special manufacturing technology homogenously dispersed in a buffer solution resulting in a clear gel, which is easy to inject. The monophasic amalian "LT" fillers are optimal suitable for fine to moderate wrinkles and folds, for mild to stronger lip augmentation and for the vermilion border. amalian I LT should be used for the glabella and on top of amalian "expert" products if an additional treatment is necessary (touch up after 14 days). amalian monophasic fillers are also recommended if the patient did not have any treatment with tissue fillers before and in all cases, where several treatments with other fillers than amalian fillers had been carried out in the past. The amalian LT products are "allround" fillers, easy to inject and suitable for almost every treatment.

"amalian SF" (Softfiller)- the new generation!


The monophasic amalian "SF" products


The amalianSoft Filler product line "SF" is characterized through a soft, fully hydrated texture, which can be injected easily and without greater resistance.The gel distributes quickly and evenly in the injected area and immediatelyproduces a visible volume effect.

Owing to aspecial manufacturing method the unsoluble particles originating fromcross-linking of the linear hyaluronic acid chains are fully hydrated, so thatevery single particle is surrounded by a stable aqueous shell. These softparticles thus do not absorb any water from the tissue after injection, so thatno swelling takes place. The intended volumizing effect takes immediate effectdue to the space-occupying characteristics of the gel.

On the other hand, the soft particles are ideally prepared for the enzymaticdegradation through hyaluronidases, thus shortening the duration of effect ofthese gels due to this physiological degradation. Four different concentrationsoffer the options of mild augmentation in fine wrinkles up to strong volumebuildup, e.g. in the cheek area to achieve an optimal result:


amalian SF16 fine

amalian SF20 medium

amalian SF24 advanced

amalian SF14 natural lips


amalian Soft Fillers offer a quick, uncomplicated wrinkle treatmentwhich is normally free from side effects.