for Patients

„Beauty is an open letter of recommendation to win hearts in advance“ said the famous German philosopher A. Schopenhauer.
Beauty is not a question of age or the number of wrinkles. Rather does it come from well-being, charisma and inner harmony.

The amalian hyaluronic acid system offers the option of individual treatment to meet your very own needs and ideas and to obtain looks that are appropriate for your individual type. You feel good, are more self-confident, your charisma and harmonic beauty are convincing.
Treatment options with the amalian hyaluronic acid gels range from fine lines and rejuvenation (skin revitalization through improvement of the moisture balance) as well as moderate and deeper wrinkles to lip volume augmentation, scar treatment and augmentation of facial skin defects. Please consult our experienced physicians – we have a solution to your individual needs.