Consultation – Information - Treatment

Guidelines for patient consultation and information

Your patient should be informed of the results to be expected and should be told that for a long-time success retreatment is required. The duration of effect of wrinkle treatment is 6-12 months. The results may vary depending on wrinkle depth, skin type, age and lifestyle as well as environmental factors.

You should clarify, whether any of the below conditions exist in your patient: Autoimmune diseases, known allergies, hypersensitive reactions to hyaluronic acid, hypertrophic scars, immunotherapeutic treatment, and pregnancy or lactation period. You should also question your patient about previous aesthetic treatments or current treatments by laser therapy, chemical peelings or dermabrasion.

You should inform your patient of the usual injection related reactions, such as redness and swelling. You should also mention the potential temporary side effects, such as nodules, oedema and itching, which are unlike but cannot be fully excluded.

For a period of one week prior to treatment the patient should avoid aspirin and other blood dilutants as well a larger quantities of vitamin C.

After treatment the patient should avoid excessive sunlight and heat (sun bath, sauna, solarium) until the reactions to treatment (redness, swelling) have subsided.

Guideline for treatment

• Desinfect the area to be treated
• Use amalian at room temperature. This will make the injection easier and lower the sensitivity to pain
• Inject amalian slowly. Avoid overcorrection and make sure that the gel is evenly distributed.
• Massage the treatment area.
• Apply disinfecting creme onto the treatment area. For the pain management, we recommend the use of:

1. Anaesthetic cremes or plasters
2. Local anaesthetic for lip augmentation
3. Cool packs to cool down the treated areas of the face